Bich Chi Tapioca Vermicelli 400gr

Bich Chi Tapioca Vermicelli 400gr


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Rice flour and salt

Cooking instructions:

- Wash with fresh water, cook in boiling water for 6-8 minutes, drain off the water and mix up with a little of oil before use.

- Stir-fried Tapioca Rice Vermicelli: 

+ 200gr Tapioca rice vermicelli

+ 120gr prawn or chicken

+ 3 Teaspoon of cooking oil + 4-5 slice garlic

+ 1/4 Tea fish sauce bowl + 5 teaspoon of sugar

+ 1/3 Fried peanut + 1-2 egg to dissolves.

+1/2 Bowl of dills cut about 2,5cm and 1 bowl of bean sprout.

The pan is heated, and oil is poured on to garlic, prawn or meat, fish sauce, sugar. Fry until the meat is well done. The Tapioca vermicelli is ready to be fried until it is found vague transparent. The egg is shaken regular on stove for 2 minutes until the egg become dry (and the liquid in pan look condensed).